Repairs industrial sewing machines

Repairs with original parts

Our service makes the difference

Repair industrial sewing machines

Service and advice

New and existing customers (also from Decorsun) can always reach us after sales in the event of a defect or for a repair. Manuel is one of the few in Belgium who can guarantee the repair of industrial sewing machines.

Original parts

30 years of experience offers many advantages, also with the repair of industrial sewing machines. Through our spun out national and international network of technicians in the sewing machine industry, we can practically always look for original parts for the repair of a defective sewing machine. This way the quality of the repair and the machine is guaranteed for a long time.


A repair of an automated sewing machine will always be accompanied by professional advice about the machine and about further innovation of your production process. It is often worthwhile to replace an old machine or to convert it to a machine that works better. In any case, honesty and transparency are also the keywords here.

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